Some of 2018 Best Moments

Maior e Deus Grande Joao Event

we see that through Capoeira, we have the

responsibility to share a wealth of Brazilian heritage

and culture in Queens and the entire NYC Metropolitan region and the Neighboring Counties.  As we do this, we also elevate the stature of Capoeira throughout these communities and beyond  … Capoeira has a tremendous benefit for those to participate.  We see the art as a way of improving the lives and resilience of people through the mind, body and spirit approach that Capoeira teaches.

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Kew Gardens Senior Citizen Community Center 

 Summer 2017 & 2018   


Capoeira at Equinox 61st & 2nd ave NYC

Love for their Teacher

 Our Vision:

 Brazilian Capoeira  celebrates the uniqueness and individuality of each person.  We unite multi-cultural communities by creating a fun and energetic environment and break away from rigid structures of other martial arts. Lastly, we believe that every child should and can have the opportunity to learn a self-defense art. 

It is our core belief that, through Capoeira, children are capable to learn not only self-discipline and confidence, but also to keep our children and teens away from the dangers of gangs, drugs, alcohol and other dangers in life that could delay their social development. We give them a new opportunity to grow and become role models to others.

 Our Mission: 

​Brazilian Capoeira  is a Martial Arts and fitness school wholly owned and operated, as a  non-profit 501(c)(3).

 The mission of Brazilian capoeira  is to be  multi-dimensional Martial Arts Service using Music, Acrobatic Movements and Dance.

Project Time 2 Ginga

Brazilian Capoeira Mozambique 2020


Project Time 2 Ginga Kids training

Summer 2018